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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Good Lotions and Shower Gels

This is Sheer Apple Blossom I just got at Ulta yesterday. They have a sale everything that is Sheer Apple Blossom, Luscious Pear, and Cozy Cashmere is $3.99.

I am trying to get most of the Sheer Apple Blossom Ulta Collection. I got birthday money and this is so cheap I will try!
This is Sweet Pea Shimmer Body Cream. It is at Bath and Body Works for $3.12. It is a very good smell with some sparkles.

Bath and Body Works has a good sale that has body lotions and shower gels are only 3 and 4 dollars. Small perfumes are from $1.00-$14.00. The last day of the sale is June 8th.
This is one of the great sales I got at Bath and Body Works. It was $3. It is Enchanted Orchid

Here is the $3 shower gel to go along with the lotion. It is a great product from Bath and Body Works.

Here are the lotion and shower gel together. The purchase of these two added up together was $6.36

This is the Cherry Blossom shower gel. It was $4. It smells great. I have the perfume I just didn't photograph it.

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