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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Quick Post: Natural Beauty

Today I just thought I'd do a quick post. I got a few good deals at Ulta today. Shopping for makeup is my favorite thing to do on rainy days like today :) I have recently been buying Essence makeup. It is good quality for good price! I am going to post about that kind of stuff. I got an all-new Essence Quattro, which is a makeup product with four parts, eyeshadow with all natural colours. It is number eight, and it is called "wood you mind" because of the nature colors. It has a light green, a tan, a little dark green, and a brownish black colour. It shows natural colors, just as I named, and three of them are light. I got it for only $0.75! They sell other Quattros at Ulta, don't worry. It is regularly $2.99 but if you get lucky, it is only $0.75!
This is the Quattro I got at Ulta. It is called wood you mind.

I am into the nature theme now and I got an eyeliner pencil for $0.49! It is number 14. It is also by Essence. By the way, Ulta is the only one that I know of that sells Essence. Ok, back on topic, it is called Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil #14 Think Khaki. It is a brown. Another great Ulta deal. Don't worry, I saw on Ulta.com that they have more. The other colors besides Think Khaki are $1.99! Don't worry! It is definitely worth the price. It stays for hours and hours giving you the nature look and allows a precise application! 
This is the Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil I got at Ulta for $0.49 on sale. It is number 14, Think Khaki. Also by Essence.

Now that I told you guys about my two kinds of Essence products, it's time to see what they do!
   Me with the makeup on! (Only on eyes)


  1. I love that make up! I like the natural color. What a great price too! :-)

  2. Great shopping! I have to get to Ulta.com and check these out.

    1. Yeah! It was a really good sale! I don't think Essence is that big of a product so that's what I'm focusing on.

  3. I can't wait to get to Ulta tomorrow to pick up some of the lovely make-up shown in their catalog, especially the Essence.