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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sunny Day Looks

Sunny day looks are all about bright, fun colours. Here are some of the bright colours: Yellow, Tan,Lime Green, Coral Pink. Those are some bright Summer colours. But, some colours don't have to be bright. For example, a yellow eyeshadow looks good with a black eyeliner. It gives you the bohemian look.
Sorry this is late by the way. I had softball practice 3 times a week for the All-Stars.
Another sunny look is having a coral eyeshadow and a very light lip balm and blush. It is light and fun, just like the Summer! Sorry I've been so busy. I had softball practice Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. I had my birthday celebration Saturday night. I hope I get an Ulta giftcard!. Sorry this post is short. I'll post a long one Sunday!

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