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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sally Hansen Salon Effects

Hi! Remember I said I got those Sally Hansen Salon Effects? Well, I'll show you how to use them and what they look like!
First, you open those little plastic sheets with the strips inside. Make sure your nails are all cleared off with no nail polish completely and they are dry.
Then, take the strip that fits your finger most, and peel off the safety thing. Peel the strip off from the paper thing.
Next, put it one the corners of your nails, Make sure it stuck. Then, I couldn't file it down because it was so big so I took the scissor and cut most of it. Then, it was small enough to file down.
 This is my mom's that I helped her with.

A close-up of her nail.

This is my nail.

All my nails (hard to see! sorry!).


  1. I really like my nails! It was fun too. =-)

  2. I want to try these, but it looks hard! Maybe you can help me too : > That's a good tip about cutting off the excess before you file.